Bengt- Erik Löfgren

Bengt- Erik Löfgren, CEO and founder for ÄFAB in Sweden. He is a well-known expert in small scale bioenergy in Sweden and has been working as an independent consultant in the borderland between academia, authorities and the bioenergy industry for more than 35 years. He has been involved in many kinds of committees in the pellet- and wood business. He has also been running an independent test lab for testing and developing combustion technology and new pelletized biofuels. Today he is partially retired, but still in business and happy to share his experience with others.

Mr. Lofgren and his company ÄFAB was one of the first listed companies upon former US ambassador Michael M Woods list “The One Big Thing”. Companies he had selected as the most interesting companies for the US to co-operate within the Cleantech branch. It was the starting point for many new assignments in primarily North America, but also in the UK. Thanks to Ambassador Wood, ÄFAB today has many valuable international contacts.

Mr. Lofgren was also responsible for the office of Sweden’s Pellets Association until March 2020.

Mr. Lofgren is still involved in several bioenergy companies and organizations. According to his long-time experience in the frontline of bioenergy, he is an important messenger between end-users and the authorities.